How Much does it cost to develop a Real Estate App?

Cost to develop a Real estate App 2021

Hourly rate — 18 to 22 USD

he real-estate industry is overgrowing worldwide, so it can be said that the competition is also increasing more day by day with that rapid growth. To beat the competition, real estate is do marketing and advertising more. But do you think that promoting real estate with traditional marketing activities is enough for your business as compared to the latest technological advances? Of course not. May I right!

Nowadays, to create a more efficient and reliable application, many real estate businesses approach the Real Estate development company for mobile app development.

Before developing a real estate app, it is crucial to facilitate the buyers with selling, buying, and renting the property. Make your real estate app more attractive, relevant, and efficient; it is necessary to have features such as the concerned person’s contact details, price listing, 3D view, property details precisely, and many more. It is more about helping customers learn and their property of interest.

In this advanced technologic world, you may be thinking about how much does it cost to develop a real estate app. No need to worry.

The solution is here,

Bacancy Technology: You can hire real estate architecture to develop your real estate application from the best leading software development company. They have done large projects with high customer satisfaction to have good experience in real estate software development and app development. With top real estate software development services, they offer complete solutions to your business.

Bacancy provides the Best Custom Real Estate Solutions with Top key Features:

  • 360 Virtual View of Property
  • Property location Advanced Search -
  • Short-term rental management
  • Property listing
  • E-signed document
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-driven Insights
  • Geo & social Advertising -
  • Automated Valuation Models
  • Interest rate calculators
  • GPS integration

Maximize the Benefit of your Commercial Property with the best key features by Bacancy’s custom real estate solutions :

Property Owner Planner:

  • Study Of The Market
  • Listing Syndication
  • Property Analytics
  • Login Details
  • Verification -
  • Buyer analytics
  • Review Of The Property
  • Communicating
  • Managing alerts

Customer panel:

  • Chat
  • Watchlist
  • Buy/Rent a property
  • Property details
  • Notifications
  • Search Specifications
  • Authentication
  • Sign up/sign in -
  • Contact

Admin Panel:

  • Statistics -
  • User management -
  • Settings
  • FAQs
  • Property listing -
  • Notification

The cost of the real estate development software and application depends on the functionalities and features that you want to add.

Do you think that building a real estate application with all the features mentioned above is costlier?

Definitely not. Bacancy technology offers all the above services and features for your real estate app development in your budget.

Cost to develop Real Estate app:

Custom App will cost you 15k to 20k USD -

Hourly rate — 18 to 22 USD

You can save up to 40% on your development cost with Bacancy Technology.

They also provide 15 days risk-free trial.

Wrap Up

Pick the Real Estate Software Development And Software Solutions for your business to make your real estate app more efficient, reliable at an affordable price. Contact Now-


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